Cinderella – Chapter Eleven

Hey Guys!! I’ve finally got the next chapter for Cinderella up. I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂

Not really what I have imagined but….

Chapter Eleven

Timothy and John trotted down a well-worn path to the harbor and a small town that had been built there. They were dirty and hot, sweat was pouring down Timothy’s back. He had never felt dirtier in his life. He squinted down at the little town before them. A few random people walked about doing their own little thing. Timothy glanced up at the sky but quickly looked away before he was blinded by the sun.

“I think the best thing we can do it get us somewhere to rest for the night, take a bath and then just walk around the town and see what people have to say.” Timothy glanced over at John as he talked.

John nodded. “Yes, I think that is a fine idea. I am in desperate need for a bath.”

Timothy laughed. “And so do I.” He kicked his horse urging him forward again. “I’ll beat you to the town.”

John glared at Timothy’s back. “Not if I can help it.” He growled under his breath. “Come on, old girl,” he said speaking to his horse. “Let’s show him what we’ve got.”

John came galloping down the hill easily catching up with Timothy. Soon they were neck to neck on the short distance to the town.

“We should probably slow down. We don’t want to scare the town’s folks.” John yelled to Timothy over the rushing wind.

“Good idea.” Timothy yelled back and he began to rein in his horse slowly.

Timothy and John slowly trotted into the town. John pulled his horse to a stop and swung down off his horse. He grabbed the reins and began looking about him. His eyes rested on an older man in his mid-forties. He strode towards him.

“Hello there!” He called out as he walked over to where the man stood.

The man looked up at him, from the paper he had been holding in his hand. “Hullo! What can I do for you?” The man spoke in a gruff voice but not unkindly.

John grinned at the man. “I am looking for a good place to stay for the night. I figured a man like yourself should know a good place to stay.”

“That I do.” The man said. “You can come stay at my place. My wife has been longing for some company lately.”

“Oh, I-I,” John stammered.

The man chuckled. “You can call me George. That is my name George William’s. What is your name, sonny?”

“My name is John. That is my friend Timothy, over there.” John pointed back behind him.

“Ah, perfect. To young lads. My wife will be pleased. It has been many a year since around own two boys went off to be sailors, as many of the lads here do.” He sighed, as if remembering days long gone. “Well, go on and call your friend over here and I’ll show you over to my place.”

John did as he was told and sprinted across the road to where Timothy stood holding onto the horses reins.

“Timothy, I’ve got us a place to stay.” He said. “That man over there,” he jerked his head back from where he had come. “George, he said we could stay at his place.”

Timothy’s eyes filled with anger. “John, if you have gone and asked that man if we could stay at his house…”

John interrupted irritated. “I’ve no such thing. The man told me we were to stay at his house. I was asking about a good tavern or inn to stay at.”

Timothy looked at his face for a while. “Well, alright.” He tossed John’s horse’s reigns over to him. “Take your horse and let’s go.”

John grinned at Timothy’s retreating form. He hurried to catch up with Timothy.

The walk to George’s house was not very long, but Timothy and John were already tired from their travel to the small town and the walk seemed endless to them.

George grinned at them. “My wife doesn’t serve dinner until half past six so you will have plenty of time to wash up and take a little nap before we eat.”

Timothy looked about to protest that he wasn’t tired but George stopped him before he could say anything. “And don’t even say you aren’t tired, you are, and even if you weren’t the rest will do you two good.”

John didn’t care to hide the fact that he was tired. “Yes, I dare say it will. I intend to sleep as long as possible.”

Timothy watched his friend and George ramble on about farming and various other things that towns folks did for a living. He soon found his thoughts wandering to other places, to Helen… Timothy jerked his head suddenly. What was he doing thinking about Helen? As far as he was concerned they were just friends nothing more, nothing less. He gulped and shook his head slightly. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a few towns folks giving him curious looks but he ignored him. Just think about the warm bath that you will have soon and the… His thoughts of comfort were suddenly cut off by George’s gruff voice.

“And this is my house. It was built by my Granddad, God rest his soul.” George said proudly.

John made the appropriate comments and they entered the house.

“Marthy, my love,” George called into the house and down the short little hall. “I’ve brought company. Two young lads, all tuckered out and in need of a bath and a little rest

A tall women with long dark hair flecked with gray stepped into the hall. She flung her arms around her husband with a girly giggle. Then she stepped away from his embrace and looked the boys over. Timothy and John grinned boyishly at her. She grinned back at then, already liking them.

“I am Martha.” Her grinned widen. “You two are a mess. Come with me I’ll show you to my boy’s rooms and get some water up there so you can bathe a bit.”

Timothy and John followed her up the stairs and into two nicely furnished bedrooms. Martha leaded Timothy into the first room. She dragged a tub out of the corner and in front of the fire.

“When you go to take a bath lay your clothes in that basket over on that chair,” She pointed to a chair by the door. “And you can borrow my boy’s clothes until yours are washed.” Martha smiled at Timothy then stepped back out into the hall.

“Samantha, I need some water heated up for our guest’s bath. If you need help get Bessie’s boys to help you.” Martha yelled down the hall.

“Yes, Mum.” A young women’s voice called back up.

Martha smiled and led John to the next room. “This will be your room.” She did the same in that room as she did in Timothy’s. “Samantha will be up soon with your water, or if you prefer one of our neighbors boys.”

John shrugged. “You can send the boys up.”

Martha smiled cheerfully. “Alright then, I’ll see you at the supper table.”


Timothy watched his friend John flirt effortlessly with George’s daughter Samantha. He smiled to himself as she blushed at something he said. Out of the corner of his eye he saw George and Martha exchange a look, Martha’s eyes twinkling with mischief. He mentally chuckled to himself. John had just gotten himself into a spot he might not be ready for. He sighed as he glanced around him. This was true happiness, could it get better than this?

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