Hey Guys!

So I thought I would share the main character of a book I have written. (that I really need to edit)

Name: Breanne Mercy Winter

Age: 15

Immediate Relations: Taylor Winter (Dad), Grace Winter (Mom), Adam and David Winter (twin brothers)

Bio: Breanne has curly dark brown hair that comes down right below her shoulder blades. She has twinkling blue eyes and freckles scattered across her nose. She loves reading and spends a lot of time doing just that. She enjoys dressing femininely and modestly. Her brothers are always being annoying but she loves them all the same. Her Dad is a Pastor of a small church in town they live in (haven’t decided that yet, told you I needed to edit the story 😉 ) and her Mom works are a nurse in the ER.

Here are a few things things in my story that are some what related to her.

This is something she might wear. With like a white shift under neath.

This is something like what she wore while visiting the elves in my story.

And this would be a gift from the elves.

Now for a back cover blurb of my story, which is a Fantasy.

When Breanne White and her family goes to visit her Grandmother for thanksgiving she gets swept away into a land, Aquanna, that she would have never thought existed except in books. She does things she only dreamed about and makes many new friends. But Breanne can’t stay in that land for ever and nor does she really want to. Breanne must return back to her own land. She wonders if she will ever return there again.

I am still working on the back cover blurb, so that is probably not going to end up being it….but that is the best I have right now. 😉

Hoped you enjoyed!

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