Some Characters…

I have realized that I have never really shared with you guys any of my writing/characters much besides Cinderella. So I thought I would share some with you today. 🙂

This are characters from one of my stories that I refer to as Monica, due to the fact the main character’s name is Monica. Though I am pretty sure now that I finally have a grasp on what I want the whole thing to be it will probably be titled Finally Home. So here are some characters.

Elvin Carson – Husband of Felicia Carson and Dad of four kids. 

Age: somewhere in his fourties

Elvin is the villain of my story

Felicia Carson – Wife of Elvin Carson and Mom of four kids

Age: 40

Dennis Taylor (last name with held)

Age: 21

Stella Grace Carson

Age: 17

Ian Wilson (last name with held)

Age: 15

Monica Jane Freeman (real last name with held)

Age: 15

Seth William Kenton

Age: 17

Alva Faith Porter

Age: 16

Julia Lea Anderson

Age: 15

Jason Howell

Age: 14

Elizabeth Rose Parker


I did have another character Jim Sterling, who was 13 also but I think I will be cutting him from the story.

I hope you enjoyed and please if you have any questions about any of these character please ask away because I would Love to answer them. And if you would like to interview any I would Love to have them interviewed and I know they would enjoy it as well. 😀

**None of the pictures are mine, I found them all on Pinterest and thought they looked like my characters.

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  1. Cool!! =) I loved reading this post, Mary! =)

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