Cinderella – Chapter Nine

So recently I was looking at some of my pages on my blog and I realized that I had not linked up to all of the Cinderella chapters on the Cinderella chapter page. So I proceeded to look for all of the chapters and in doing so realized that I had never posted chapter nine. :-\ So….since I forgot about having to write chapter eleven and I don’t have any ‘new’ chapter to post today, I decided today would be the perfect day to post chapter Nine. So here it is:

Chapter Nine

A tall burly sailor walked over to the girls. “Up! Get up! Down to your cabin.” He barked.

Helen struggled to her feet. Her foot caught in the hem of her skirt, she fell forward. The sailors hooted with laughter. Helen’s face reddened with embarrassment. Emma scowled at the sailors, as she helped Helen to her feet. Emma took Helen’s hand and led her down to their cabin. Diana followed behind them.

“I am so sorry that happened to you.” Diana said.

Helen shrugged. “It’s nothing.” She said though she was still embarrassed.


Bright and early the next morning John woke Timothy up.

“Time to get going Timothy.” John said, shaking Timothy’s shoulder.

Timothy groaned, peeking out to see what it was like. There wasn’t even a little bit of light out.

“It’s not even morning.” He mumbled, crawling back over and onto his pallet in the tent.

John chuckled. “Yes, it is, the sun just hasn’t come up yet.”

Timothy made no move to get up.

“I guess you don’t want to go after the girls.” John said slowly.

This had the desired effect. Timothy sprang up from his pallet. Starting to roll it up.

“Come on! What are we waiting for?” Timothy cried shoving his pallet into his pack.

John grinned. “You.”

Timothy glared at him. He tied  his pack on the back of his horse and swung up into the saddle.

“Aren’t you coming?” He asked John.

John looked at him. “I would like to go along with you but I thought it would be nice to eat a little something.” He went back to trying to light the fire.

Timothy watched John, then seeing that John was making no move to get up he swung down from his saddle. He dug through the food pack. Beans, beans and more beans.

“I suppose we are having beans for breakfast.” Timothy said as he pulled out some coffee.

John snickered at his look of disgust. “Yep, quick and easy.”

Timothy glared at him. “How much?”

John looked up at him “You don’t know do you?”

Timothy grinned good naturally. ‘I don’t know much about this stuff.” He gestured towards the food packs.

John smiled. “Then it is a good thing I came along, huh?”

John glanced down at the fire. “Um, fill that pot with water and sit it in the fire. When the water starts to boil add the beans.”

Timothy looked from the pot to the fire, then beans and water. “I sure hope you know what you are telling me to do.” He muttered.

John raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Timothy smiled. “I didn’t say anything.”

John nodded. “I am sure you didn’t.”


Helen woke up with a start, four weeks later, the ship was at an awkward angle. The chamber pot the girls used slid across the floor, hitting the other side of the cabin and sloshing the contents out onto the floor. Helen gasped. Were they sinking? She sat up quickly waking the other girls.

“Diana, Emma! Wake up.” She shook the girl’s shoulders.

Soon all three girls were wide awake, beating and yelling at the door.

Helen took a step backward gasping for breath. Just in time, for the door was thrown open and Diana and Emma who had been leaning on it tumbled into the hall.

A man roughly picked them up. “Shut up, would you.” He hissed. He stepped into the room and grabbed Helen’s arm dragging her out into the hall.

“I imagine you’ve noticed were sinking?” The man asked.

The girls nodded.

“Well, if you value your life, then you’ll do what I tell you to do, understand?”

The girls nodded again.

“Good.” The man smiled revealing a row of crooked teeth. “First we are going to get one of the life boats and head for shore. You girls will have to take turns at the oars. You all know how to row?”

The girls nodded….again.

The man grinned. “I thought girls were suppose to be little chatterboxes?

He turned and walked down the hall, the girls hurried to follow.


Timothy’s horse shied away from the coiled form of a snake.

“Whoa, Storm.” Timothy pulled back on the reigns, stopping the horse. He swung down out of the saddle and led the skittish horse around the snake.

John trotted up to Timothy as he swung back up into the saddle.

“You need some help?” John asked.

“No.” Timothy said shaking his head. “Storm here is just a little skittish.” He patted his horse on the neck.

John nodded. “Well, try and calm him down so we can get going.”

“It’s a her.” Timothy said then adding. “And it was just a snake.”

John rolled his eyes “Whatever.”

Timothy glared at John, who quickly hid a smirk.

Timothy pushed around the logs in the fire. He sighed. The thought of how the girls were doing kept pestering him. Were they alright? Did they have enough food? Were they being treated like the wonderful young women they were? He gazed into the fire.

John sat across the fire watching his new friend. He was really worried about his sister and friends. John watched Timothy for a little while longer. A thought flinted across his mind prompting a question.

“Timothy, what are we going to do when we catch up with the girls?”

Timothy looked across the fire at John. That had been bugging him too. He needed to figure out what he was going to do.

“I don’t know, John, I really don’t know.” Timothy said. He buried his face in his hands. He should have listened to Lord Arthur and his Dad. He was way too hasty.

John looked at his friend. He walked around the fire and sat down beside Timothy.

“Don’t worry, my friend, we’ll get the girls and bring them back home.”

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