Monday’s Minutes

Wow!! I am like, really really late. The week has flown by so fast. Oh, well as least I have finally found a chance to do this.

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Ok and I will be using the picture prompt.

Today was my coronation, the day that I had half longed have dreaded all my life. Now it was here. I am not sure whether to be happy or sad. Part of me want to break down in tears, my father should never had died so young, leaving me alone in the world. How I hated the sound of the hunting bugles now. I shiver at the thought of the terrible accident. I slip my feet into me shoes and ring the bell for my maid as I sit down on my stool in front of my vanity, ready for my hair to be done.

I watch the dancing couples as they make their turns around the room. I sigh. If only I could me as happy a carefree as they seemed. I catch the eyes of my only friend, David, across the room, slowly pointing to the door leading outside, letting him know where I was going. He nodded his in acknowledgment and I disappeared through the door.

I make my way down to my favorite childhood hideout. This would probably be the last time I would ever be able to go here alone. I frowned as I saw a strange light in entrance to the small tunnel in the castle wall. I quicken my steps hurry towards the entrance. I peeked into the tunnel entrance gasped at what I saw. A small portal in the floor. I glanced back behind me, should I go in or ignore it and go back to the party? The portal was pulling me. What should I do?



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