Cinderella – Chapter Ten (half at least)

So as you can see by the title. I have half a chapter. :-\ I don’t really have anything to say about it except enjoy!

Chapter Ten

Helen tripped on a coil of rope. Emma bent down and with Diana’s help they hauled her to her feet. The deck lurched under them sending all three of them to the ground. The man cursed angrily. He grabbed them by the arm and jerked them up. He glared at the girls.

“Come on.  I have no time for dilly dallying.”

Helen walked after him glaring at his back. Diana, who was beside her, muttered something about having not dilly dallied but tripped.

Finally they reached the life boats. The man unstrapped the boat and lowered it into the water. He tossed down a rope.

“You,” he said pointing at Helen. “Get down into the boat. You other girls follow her.”

The girls did as they were told. As Emma, the last of the girls, slowly lowered herself into the boat they heard sudden chaos.

The captain and some of the crew had given up trying to save the boat. They had come to get the life boats only to find a man there. A few shots were fired resulting in a dead captain, first mate and some of the crew. A body was thrown off the deck. It splashed into the water beside the girls before sinking down. But suddenly it emerged again. It was a young man – who was alive.

“Help.” He croaked gasping for breath before going under again.

Emma gasped. “We have to help him!”

I don’t know what we can do.” Diana said.

Helen slowly eased herself to the bottom of the ship. She glanced up at the man he was climbing down the rope. She glanced back at the water. The young man came back up gasping for breath. Helen held out her hand.

“Here, sir, grab my hand.” She cried.

The young man looked at her gratefully and grabbed her hand.

Helen started to pull him up on the boat but found that he was a whole lot heavier than she thought.

“Di, help me please.” Helen cried.

Diana jumped to help Helen, rocking the boat dangerously. Together they hauled the young man up into the boat just as the man stepped into the boat.

Emma seeing that her friends we occupied glanced at the man and then suddenly pushed off away from the ship, causing the man to loss his balance and fall into the water. She grinned grimly to herself. Helen helped the man sit down comfortable in the boat of the boat.

“You just sit there sir, and rest a bit. When you are rested then we can talk.” Helen said kindly.

The young man nodded weekly. Helen smiled at the young man and crawled back to her seat. She grabbed the oars and started to push the boat out father.

“Emma why don’t you take the first turn with me and then Diana can have a turn.” She said.

Emma smiled dipping her oar into the water. “Fine with me. Where are we heading to?”

Helen smiled back at her. “That little bit of shore over there.” She said pointing off to the horizon where a small sliver of land could be seen. “I am sure it isn’t as far as it looks.”

I hope, she thought quietly to herself.

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