Day Twenty-Ninth of the lotr challenge

Your lotr collection

I don’t have anything, though I would really like some of the things below.

Not all those who wander are lost

Hobbit hole Pendent

Thorin’s Key Pendent

Who wouldn’t?


Arwen’s Pendent

And of course if you want to add all of the really cool weapons and cosplays, and any other really cool lotr stuff you can. But I don’t feel like searching around for more stuff, but I just thought of something. I’ll add it but that will be all for this post. 🙂

All of the dwarfs and Bilbo.

I think these are so cute!!





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4 Responses to Day Twenty-Ninth of the lotr challenge

  1. Elisabeth Sullivan says:

    I would LOVE the chain with the Ring on it! that would be awesome and I also really like the cuteness of the last picture. 😉

    Here’s a link to what I really want in my LOTR collection. 🙂

    But I can’t knit! 🙁 This makes me want to try out knitting again. 🙂

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