And I am sort of Late…

Like a day after I was tagged by TW, I was tagged again by WildHorse. Woot! Thank you WildHorse, I love being tagged. 😀

Ok, so on with it!


1- Let your tagger know that you received the notification

2- Post the award picture and rules to your blog and answer your taggers five questions

3- Tag five bloggers-friends but at least one of them has to be a friend you mad via blogger

4- Give them five questions and notify them that you had tagged them

5- (optional rule: Give your readers a friendship quote at the end of your post) (PS you may tag group-bloggers)

And the questions;

1. What is your favorite color?

2. What food would you never eat and why?
um, something really gross like dog, horse, guinea pig…etc

3. Do you have a favorite place to meet with your friends?
Um pretty much anywhere. I have met up with them mainly at church, prayer, and the internet.

4. What do you and your friends like doing together?
Um, talking and doing a lot of it. lol. It really depends with who I am with. I have one friend that I usually run around outside with the rest I either talk with or play some type of supposedly quiet game.

5. What are some qualities you admire in your friends?

Loyalty, nerdyness and a great sense of humor. ;-D

Ok, so my questions.

1- Why types of people do you hang out with the most?

2- Are you and your friends goofy when you are together?

3- What is your best memory of a time spent with friends?

4- What would you do if you didn’t have the friends you have?

5- How many friends do you have?

And the bloggers I nominate.

Bekah (Beck)

TW Wright (You don’t have to do it cause I know that WildHorse tagged you)


Hmm, and my brother Caleb

Just one more and that will be…. Jenny @ Artsy Peacock


And here are two quotes I liked.


Hope Y’all enjoyed!!!


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