Birthday ideas….

Hey Guys!!!!

So it isn’t anyone’s birthday I just thought I would share with you some birthday ideas I have had. I was thinking about making myself a birthday dress. And I wanted something out of date and different than what people wear. That’s me different and always trying to be differenter.
I really like 1940’s dresses so that is what I was going to do.

Here is two patterns I looked at.

I really liked this one.

And this one was nice. 🙂

The first one was really nice but I didn’t know were to try and find one and I try but failed in finding one.

So then My mom asked some friends of her’s and one of them sent this link to her.

This is really nice and I think I will be going with since I can’t find the others.
Also since I am not growing much any more Mama said I should invest in some really good fabric for the dress that was it last longer.
😀 What do you think.
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