Wacky Wednesday! #2

Hey Guys!!

I am back with Wacky Wednesday. 🙂 I love that title! After a little thought in which I had a idea and then forgot it (silly me) I finally decided to do a riddle.

So here is the riddle. Eleah you aren’t aloud to say what the answer is, if you do you will be in big trouble. 😉  And Beck if you comment with the answer you will be in doubly big trouble.

A man walked into a bar. He whispered something to the bar tender and then asked for a glass of water. The bar tender reached under the counter and pulled out a gun. He fired in the air. The man said ‘thank you’ and walked out.
What did he whisper to the bar tender.

So please comment and tell me what you think the answer is. And guess what! You get to practice on patience and wait until next Wednesday for the answer. 😀

I also decided to post a few pictures, just because I love posting pictures. 🙂

My two adorable little siblings. Well two of them.

So I think that will be all for today! Hope you enjoyed!

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4 Responses to Wacky Wednesday! #2

  1. Ohmygosh, I can never get riddles, except the ones that my brother makes up. 😉 I love those pictures! Martha and Sam are so cute! 😀

  2. Eleah says:

    I won’t give the answer…much as I would love to and be mean to Mary, I won’t. I will practice self-control. I will advise that you keep your readers in suspense until they get the right answer.

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