Quick Update.

So first of all. I have completed my NaNoWriMo novel!!!!! Well that is I have hit my word count goal. 30,000. I know I had intended to hit 50,000 but that didn’t work out. The good thing is, I went over my word count goal and I am still not finished with it yet. *Pumps fist in air.

And the other thing. I am thinking about having a blog scheduled. I am going to post a hymn every Sunday and I have a story (not my NaNo one but a different one) that I will post a chapter of every Thursday. I might change the day but for now I think it’ll be Thursday.

I want to post more than that and want to know what kind of posts you like best…..

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  1. Hmm, I really like it when you post pix! And hymns, and your story, and basically everything but–pictures!! They’re my fave… 😀

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