Create a Character link up.

Hey Guys!!!

Today I am going to do a link up that Brittney over at Daughter of the King was doing a few weeks ago but I haven’t been able to do it until now. :-\

So here it goes….

Name – Madeline Ashton

Age – 15

Lives in – Ashville, NC

Loves – dancing

About – Madeline Ashton lives what she thinks is a perfect life with her parents and a weekly dance class. But then her world comes crashing down when her parents divorce. Madeline is sent to live with a Aunt (her mom’s sister) and cousins she doesn’t know nor cares to know. She feels neglected by her parents and unloved. When all around her are people who want to help her, be her friend, and love her. Her mom moves up to Ashville and Madeline goes to live with her. Her mom then becomes a christian and remarries, later to a christian man. Madeline doesn’t want anything to do with Christ and thinks she is just fine on her own with out him. She soon finds that she is wrong and accepts Christ.

This is actually a story I hope to write soon, so the About is more like a back cover blurb. Hope y’all enjoyed that!

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  1. Brittney says:

    Love it =D sounds like it would be an awesome book!

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