Alone Yet Not Alone!

Alone Yet Not Alone came out in the theaters and Mama, Bekah, Lydia and I were able to go see it! We won free tickets from His Radio, which was the only reason we went. I was so excited when we found out that we had won. So, yesterday at 7:00 PM we were at the movie theater waiting for the credits to stop and the movie to begin.

This was suppose to be a comparison on the book and movie, but the movie was true to the book through out the whole movie until the end. At the end you had Barbara, Marie, Owen and David escaping. They did that pretty well except that they had Hannawoa chase them until the end and then they had him attack the British men and Barbara, Marie, Owen and David.

Then when they arrive back at ‘home’, David and Owen did not leave with relatives but enlisted to help the British fight the Indians. When they were leaving the girls to head back to the fort to help the British, Owen had Marie promise that she wouldn’t get married and wait for him to come back. Marie never had a Aunt and Uncle come for her and she apparently stayed with the Leininger’s.  Later on in the movie they were having their Christmas meal together, and she was there. Also Barbra didn’t marry Peter like in the book she married Marie’s brother, Fritz, that shouldn’t of been in the movie at all. When they went to find Regina after the Pastor came bringing the news of the captives release, Marie went with them and there met Owen again. Regina also had no little girl with her. Other than those few things the movie was a great movie. They did a great job showing that the Indians and the whites were both at fault in what we did during that time period. Which was truly great since you can read so many books and watch so many movies that make the Indian the ‘bad guy’. They also did a great job in showing the differences between the way Barbara and Marie were treated in the Allegheny tribe. It was a great movie and I would highly recommend watching it.

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