Despicabe Me – Funny Minions

Hi, all! I was in a mood to post about funny minions today! We (our family) watched Despicable Me some time in June(I think). Now, any time some one says one little quote from the movie, all the little ones start doing some thing that they found funny from the movie.

Bee-do Bee-do Bee-do

That part was funny! Just don’t get the little ones started on it! 😀 They will walk around doing it for days….

We have not watched Despicable Me 2, but we have watched the trailer. Can’t wait ’til it is out on DVD!

Snicker…that part was a little funny.

Sam will say that all day long.

Sarah’s favorite part- ” It’s so fluffy! I’m going to die!”

Last night, we were at some friends’ house for dinner, and Martha was given a  teddy bear to play with. Mama said she heard Martha go “It fluffy I diiiiiiiie!” 😀  When she told us, we were all laughing.

Well, I think that pretty well sums it up… 😀





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  1. Laura says:

    That’s soooo funny….. we went to see despicable me 2!

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