Friends from West Virgina!

On the 6th the Burroughs family had friends over! Mrs.Michele Ballard and her kids Christopher, Erin, Sean, Kelsie, Michaela, and Liam.  We all had a wonderful time. The Ballards stayed until Friday morning and then they left. Let me share some of the fun we had.

Erin and her ducks.

Lydia making the ducks.

Lydia and Erin

Lydia’s and Erin’s ducks were very special ducks. Why were they special? 1-because they could talk 2- they had clothes

While Lydia and Erin were playing with their duck everyone else was playing with homemade play dough!

We also played out side for a while.

Caleb, one of the “bad” guys in our little game


Michaela running away from the “bad” guys

Caleb and Sean were the “bad” guys. There goal was to take the 3 or 4 babies from us and eat them. As you can see Kelsie was armed with 2 sticks. That was the only problem we had Kelsie and Hannah were always running away¬† to fight. Other than that I think we did pretty well. I mean the boys never got hold of the babies. The only person that got hurt in playing this game was Hannah and that was because some one whacked her in the head. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed it. Why else would you call it a wonderful time?


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  1. Michele says:

    Very nice! The kids especially loved the play-doh.

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