Flip Flops!

Here are some really neat flip flops!

flip flops

Flip Flops

My Nana bought me some flip flops that I had picked out. When I got home I realize that they had peace signs on them. At first I tried cutting off a little bit of the peace sign and then super gluing some buttons over top of them. The buttons didn’t stay on. Then one day when Mama was on Pinterest I saw (I was looking over her shoulder) were some one had taken the old bands from the flip flops and put fabric ones in their place.

First you take the old bands off. Then you take some fabric and cut yourself 2 pieces of fabric. This is only for one flip flop. Then you take your strips of fabric and “thread” it through the first hole (the one that is in between your first and second toes. You then knot them so that they can’t slip back through. Then with your strips of fabric, that are now attached to the flip flop, you are going to knot 2 knots; one above the other leaving room for your toes. When you are done with that you are going to put one strip through the right hole and the other in the left hole. You are going to what them to be tighter than you would think you would want them, because fabric stretches. Knot them in place. Then glue around the hole and press the knot to it to glue to flip flop. That will help keep the knot in place. Lastly cut  any extra fabric around knots. Now do the same to the other flip flop!

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